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Aphrodite the Mischievous Cat.

Aphrodite - the mischeivous Cat!
'Ey wake up sleepy'ead!'
Rumpleteazer woke with a start, seeing her brother, Mungojerrie, leaning over her.
'Ya've bin 'sleep for ages!'
'Well may 'swell get up now ya've woke me up!'
She got up and crawled out of the pipe she had retired to the night before, to see all the kittens playing happily which made her smile.  She remembered when she had been that age - she and Mungo had always been up to mischeif, but since she had had the responsibility of her kitten, Aphrodite, she had grown up a lot.
'Ey mum watch this!' yelled Aphrodite
'Careful Aphro!'
She winced as her kitten went tumbling into a pile of junk after attempting to do a roly-poly.
Soon the kitten emerged from the pile of rubbish.
'I'm o.k mum don' worry!' she said seeing her mother's concerned look.
      Part 1-
Rumpleteazer watched the kittens playing for a little while longer casually chatting to one of her best friends, Etcetera, a white and brown striped Queen, until Pouncival, an attractive Tom with a cute face, came and told them that Old Deuteronomy, the Jellicle Leader, wanted everyone.
'The reason I have gathered you around is not good news i'm afraid,' he said in his strong, confident voice, 'word is going round that Macavity,' the olders Cats winced,'are planning an attack, so I warn everyone to keep the kittens and younger cats well protected and for everyone to be on guard.  As always Munkustrap will be in charge of security.  Thank You and remember to be vigilant!' And with that he went off to go home so that he was safe.
Rumpleteazer turned to her Kitten and said,'C'mon, ya don' wanna be 'angin round when Macavity's on the loose.' And with that she picked her kitten up in her mouth and moved over to where Munkustrap was making arrangemants.
Part 2-
'Right the guard teams will be myself with Tugger, Misto and Coricopat. Alonzo and Plato. And Mungo, Pounce and Brutus.'Demeter, Bomba I want you on medical duty, should there be a fight, if anyone goes down you patch them up o.k? Find somewhere covered but easy to see whats going on from. Jemima, Electra you go with Gus, Skimble, Jenny and Jellylorum.  And Etcey, Vikki and Rumple you watch the kittens.'
Everyone went their seperate ways.
'Why do we 'ave to 'ide Mum?' moaned Aphrodite.
'Because Macavity's a real bad cat an' ya don' wanna be in 'is way.' answered Rumple.
Part 3-
Rumpleteazer woke up suddenly from hearing a crash outside the pipe she was hiding in.  It was dark and took a while for her eyes to adjust but she instinctively leapt up, sheilding her kitten from any attack.  Her eyes were now in better focus and she could make up dark shapes outside.  It was obvious that Macavity and his gang had attacked.
Aphrodite stirred then woke up hearing a big crash.
'What's goin' on Mum!' She asked.
'It's Macavity hon. He's attacked.' She saw her kitten's scared look.
'Don' worry.  Ya'll be alrigh' if ya stay were ya are.'
'Ok' she answered in a rather shaky voice.
About twenty minutes passed but Rumpleteazer stayed very alert.
Suddenly she saw a dark shape moving towards her.  All she felt was a sharp pain on her head. but didn't even feel herself hit the floor.
Part 4-
She awoke after a while seeing A big red face staring down at her.
Rumpleteazer immediately sat up straight.
'Where's Aphro?'
'She-she, I'm afraid Macavity got her,' Bombalurina (the red cat) said gently.
'I have to find her!.'
'It's o.k. You stay put, theres already a search team out looking for her.'
'But who knows what 'e's doin' to her!' she cried.
Then her brother came in hearing her pleadings.
'There doin' everythin' sis.  There's nothin' you can do' He said soothingly.  He knew how much his sister loved her Kitten.
Part 5-
Aphrodite awoke with a very sore head.  She didn't remember much,  just her Mother going down. She wa sjust wondering where she was when two voices, one male one female, startled her.
'Woi do ya think he wanted the little brat in ther foist place?'
'Oi'm not sure. To old her for ransom Oi suppose.'
Just then a loud, evil cackle startled her.
'M-master' the two voices sounded terrified. Aphrodite daren't lift her head.
'W-we have the kitten m-master' stammered the male voice.
'Finally, you insolent beings did something right.' said a deep booming male voice.
'Now scram before I show you what I do if you don't!'
She relaxed thinking that the evil cat had gone.  But then she felt someone standing over her and opened her eyes quickly.  A ginger coated Tom with mad electric streaks and tangled hair and whiskers was standing over her.  She knew instantly, from what the other Jellicles had told her, that this was Macavity.
'So.' he said.
'I finally get to see the key to my future.'
'P-pardon' Aphrodite said before she could stop herself.
'You.  You will help me succeed in one of my best-paying crimes yet'
'I shan't.  I will have no part in-in YOU!' She said sounding way more confident than she sounded.
'Cocky aren't you?  But you've already played your part.'
'What? How?'
'I am holding you to ransom, your stupid Mother used to work for me.  Insolent cow she was! But I know she was always very gullible when it came to family.  She was potty over that brother of hers.'If Aphrodite had thought it cold outside, it was nothing compared to the icy tone in his voice.
'Now I must return to other "business" I have.  Make yourself comfortable.  You could be here a while. Cheerio.' and with that he vanished.
Part 6-
Aphrodite instinctively looked around for any means of escape.  She saw a barred hole in wall - what she presumed used to be a window in this old, derelict building. 'If only...' she thought to herself.
She quickly looked around and decided anything was worth a shot.  She leapt up and squeezed through the bars.
'YES' she hissed to herself.
She looked around trying to find her sense of direction.  It was no use.  The little kitten didn't have a clue where she was.
So the little Calico began wandering.  She had been wandering for what seemed like years when she absent mindedly bumped into something furry, tall and sripy.
'UNCLE MUNGO!' She cried in relief and flung herself to him.
'Aphro! he scooped her up and yelled,
'S'ok i've got 'er!'
'Well done Mungo. How'd you find her?' replied Tumblebrutus, a stripy young Tom.
'I didn'. She found meh!'
Aphrodite was so tired, nothing in the world could bother her.She snuggled down into her Uncle, and slipped into a happy carefree sleep.
      The End