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Teazer's Jellicle Junkyard


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Teazer's Teazer

Can you answer all of the questions?


Question 1,
Who plays Teazer in the video?
A/ Jo Bingham
B/ Rosemarie Ford
C/ Jo Gibb
Question 2,
Which fearless cat can put the Pollicles into line?
A/ Rumple Cat
B/ Rumpus Cat
C/ Rumper Cat
Question 3,
What is Teazer's real name (Jo) shortened from?
A/ Joan
B/ Joane
C/ Joanne
Question 4,
Who the Cats choreographer?
A/ Aeva May
B/ Cameron Macintosh
C/ Gillian Lynne
Question 5,
What Star sign is Jo Gibb?
A/ Scorpio
B/ Aquarias
C/ Aries
Question 6,
Who plays Teazer's partner in crime Mungojerrie?
A/Micheal Gruber
B/Jason Gardiner
C/Andrew Varley
Now scroll down for what to do next!

Now e-mail me with your answers and if you have got them all right then you will recieve a little prize!