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A breif bio on Moi!

Name: Emily
General Nicknames: Peely Pru/Emz
Age: 13 na  half
Hobbies: Eating, Music (I live 4 it) Piano and sax mainly (specially mah sop!!) and a bit of drama thrown in there sumwer!
Favourite Groups: hehe I actually like Classical - don't diss it!!
Favourite Musicals: Cats (duh), Phantom & Rocky Horror
Musicals I have been in:FAME, Grease (Cheerleader), The Rainbow Juggler (Don't ask!), A Christmas Carol-pantomime version. ( A person who does stuff!) and various stuff for Drama exams!
Favourite Subjects: Music and Drama (ya guessed right?!!!)

Hehe me looking partivularly happy!

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