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This page is where I put what I think the Character Bios are.

Grizzabella=  She has had a very good life and has a few regrets she used to be very popular but now all the other Jellicles don't want her around but she finally wins them round and they all send her off to the Heavyside Layer.
Gus The Theatre Cat= He was famous in his day and was a very good actor but now he is too old but loves to tell people about his past.  He thinks that Cats nowadays don't get trained to act properly.
Old Deuteronomy= He is very old and is the leader of the tribe.  All the Cats respect and look up to him.
Macavity= He is EVIL.  He has a wonderful talent he can commit a crime and then disappear without trace.  He very powerful and no-one can stop his evil ways.
Skimbleshanks= He is the railway cat.  He keeps watch on the night train to make sure everyone is behaving themselves and if he is not there to board the train they won't let it go.
Bustopher Jones= This knows a bit about food, infact his whole life revolves around it.  He is the fattest Cat but very friendly and the whole tribe get on well with him.
Rumpus Cat= This Cat breaks up all the fights of the dogs.  They are all scared of him, he is sort of like the Policecat!
Munkustrap= He is the storyteller and lets other Cats who have not been to the Jellicle Ball before know what to do.  He is the protector and takes good care of Old Deuteronomy and the Kittens especially.
Demeter= She is very good friends with Bombalurina.  She is also one of the queens and Munkustrap especially has feelings for her.  She is very sexy when singing the Macavity song.
Asparagus= He is one of the older Cats who disapproves of Rum Tum Tuggers antics and is good friends with Skimbleshanks.
Rum Tum Tugger= He is the flirty and sexy male of the tribe.  He can be seen flirting with Bombalurina and some of the Kittens in his song "The Rum Tum Tugger".  But he proves he can be serious and responsible when Old Deuteronomy is catnapped.
Jenyanydots=  She is a very motherly cat and looks after the kittens.  She is good friends with Jellylorum.
Munjojerrie=  He is a very mischeivous cat and is hardly ever seen away from his partner in crime Rumpelteazer.  No-one is quite sure whether the two are brother and sister, a couple or just good mates.  They are act like grown-up kittens but  are not quite adults yet.
Rumpelteazer= She is a very mischeivous cat and is hardly ever seen away from her partner of crime Mungojerrie.  She is cute and lovable as well as being naughty and cheeky.  She is always getting a clip round the ear from the older cats but they like her really.  She can be seen with Victoria and Etcetera when she is not just with Munjo.
Jellylorum= Is a very motherly cat and is always looking out for the kittens and likes to help the older cats too.  She is good friends with Jenyanydots.
Bombalurina= Is good frinds with Demeter.  Is the red, sexy queen and is a hit with the older (and younger) males of the tribe especially Rum Tum Tugger, she can be seen flirting with him in his song and the Jellicle Ball.
Mr. Mistoffelees= He is a magical cat with magical powers.  He not quite sure how to use them yet - but he is learning!
Victoria= She is a very curious kitten, and is eager to make friends with Grizabella but the older cats stop her, until near the end when she breaks the ice by reaching out and touching Griz.
Coricopat= Is one of the older more responsible cats and is never seen away from his twin sister Tantomile.
Tantomile= Is one of the older more responsible cats and is never seen away from her twin brother Coricopat.
Tumblebrutus= Is one of nearly adult toms but gives fighting Macavity a shot.Can be seen with Pouncival.
Alonzo=  Is quite responsible and in the Macavity fight after Munkustrap is injured he has a go at fighting him.
Etcetera=  Is one of the kittens and can be seen around with Rumpelteazer, Victoria, Jemima and Electra.  She loves flirting wiht Rum Tum Tugger!
Cassandra= Is one of the queens and likes to be alone.  But can be seen with Tantomile a bit and flirting with Alonzo.
Pouncival=  Is a grown-up Kitten and can be responsible when needed to be.  He can be seen with Tumblebrutus.
Jemima= Is a very cute and lovable kitten and is quite inquizative.  She sings a part of memory when she realises Grizabella is Ok and along with Victoria helps to break the ice.  She can be seen flirting with Tugger and around with Etcetera, Victoria, Electra and Rumpelteazer.
Electra=  Is quite a grown up Kitten but can be seen frolicking with the other Kittens, Etcetera, Victoria, Jemima and Rumpelteazer.
Exotica=  Is one of the queens and likes to be alone.  They don't show much of her in the vid so I do not know much about her.
Plato= Again not much of him but I think he is quite grown up and likes to hang with Alonzo and Munkustarp.
Admetus= I know nothing about Admetus.  If you do please E-meoaw me.

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