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(Last updated  15/February/2004)

Welcome 2 my site!!!!!

Ok I have added some links - Check out Terpsichores Moonbeam its wicked ;-) Plus keep e-mailing me with all yer stuff and feedback I love it all joy@0800dial.com Went to Cats again on October 25th.  WE managed to sneak backstage past the guards and saw Emily Henderson (Victoria) in costume, also Tom Dwyer (Mungojerrie) in half costume and another female feline we also saw door onto stage before being "shown out" (kicked out).  On the front row and Jenyanydots decided to play a game with my legwarmers!  Great fun and amazing experience yet again!
Have a great Christmas...

p.s why not check out my other site?

Cats Uk Tour 2003 Exclusive Interviews

I have a new E-Meoaw address! rumpleteazer21@lycos.com

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Cats Collage
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p.s thanx to theese guys 4 my pics,